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History of Wyllie Taekwondo Self-Defence Academy

A passionate school teacher for 17 years with the NSW Dept Education & Training, Master Greg Wyllie (B.Ed, Dip Teach, 9th dan black belt, NCAS Level 2 accredited coach) introduced Taekwondo to primary school students back in the 1970s, initially as an aid to teaching.

Proving highly effective for the cultivation of discipline, concentration and overall receptivity to learn, he used the same teaching formula in secondary schools for equally stunning results in improving students’ academic and sporting abilities.

Rapidly growing demand for the Wyllie Taekwondo method of teaching soon called him to devote all his time to it. Today, he teaches students of all ages (including adults) with a full schedule of after-school classes operating from his thriving Willoughby studio.

His TKD tutelage is also in high demand across a large number of Sydney-based private and public schools, to which he devotes his time passionately.

Who is Master Greg Wyllie?

Master Greg Wyllie holds a black belt with an 9th dan ranking. Master Wyllie has travelled to Korea and has been awarded a 9th dan ranking, the highest rank possible for a living person to attain. He is among a small number of individuals worldwide to be considered for Grand Master status… a title that requires: 1) 9th dan ranking 2) to be esteemed as a notable individual; and to be notable for a contribution to taekwondo specifically.

Master Wyllie’s contribution to Taekwondo

Modified rules for school tournaments
Master Wyllie was the first Taekwondo Master in Australia to introduce modified rules for tournaments so school-aged children could enjoy Taekwondo, a sport which boasts one of the highest safety records in the world. To make it even safer, he prohibited any hits or kicks to the head and allowed only techniques which hit the heavily padded chest guard.

Child-focused approach
Master Wyllie’s approach to Taekwondo is characterised by his commitment to children and his vast teaching experience. His ability to instil a sense of self-control and thirst for learning in a very short space of time is legendary. Teaching children is a very difficult task for any instructor to master, most of whom decline the challenge. For Master Wyllie it is an art form in which he has no peer. As a result adult students benefit from the Wyllie system and find learning Taekwondo incredibly easy and enjoyable.

The Master’s message:

“Life is one big learning adventure. The person, therefore, who develops the greatest love of learning and the most insatiable appetite for new knowledge and skill, will always be miles ahead of the pack. Cultivating a strong love of learning is therefore both my aim and my measure of success as an educator in Taekwondo.

Once I have developed a student’s ability to find joy in every Taekwondo task, the same relationship will ripple out to school and other learning environments that call them.

Wyllie Taekwondo teaches the student, from a very early age, that barriers to learning are usually self-imposed and can therefore be overcome. Through Wyllie Taekwondo, students learn how to break through barriers and develop resilience, a skill that will be useful for the rest of their lives.

My brand of Taekwondo is progressive and dynamic. Like its students, Wyllie Taekwondo is constantly evolving as its’ parameters are widened to include techniques that are relevant for our time. Flexibility and innovation are therefore other important skills developed in the dojo as we push students beyond the horizon of current practice and knowledge.

My system of teaching overcomes the typical obstacles to learning such as lack of focus or an inability to concentrate. It does this with its clear path for progression and the tasks and patterns a student must practice and remember.

Taekwondo is a martial art, a sport, and an artform. It’s also a practice that informs the student how to live their life well. I am passionate about each unique student that walks through my door. And I know that what I do is much greater than simply teaching a martial art. At Wyllie Taekwondo Self-Defence Academy, we create a sense of respect, camaraderie and community which binds people in friendship and purposeful living… for life.